Buffer – The Easiest Way to Schedule Posts

Looking for a great way to increase fan engagement and save time on social media? Check out an AMP Favorite, Buffer.

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What is It?

Buffer is a GREAT tool for social media management. With it you’re able to write posts for all of your social media accounts and schedule them to post in the future.

What Makes it so Great?

  • SIMPLE,  user-friendly interface
  • Easily post the same message to ALL social media accounts or add context by customizing each
  • BASIC analytics provide enough information to be helpful—like the number of clicks, retweets, and mentions you get, as well as the potential reach of your posts—without overwhelming you.
  • Offers browser extensions that let you share content from any Web page

How Can it Help My Small Business?

Aside from saving you TONS of time, Buffer will recommend the best possible times throughout the day to share your content so that your followers and fans see your updates more often. This is great if you’re looking to get the most out of each post.

Is it Expensive?

Nope.  Buffer costs $10/mo, BUT there is a FREE version.  And while the free version limits the number of posts and social media profiles, it’s more than enough to get you started.

Where can I get it?

Head over to Buffer and sign up today.

You Should Know: 

  • Buffer may be too lightweight for advanced users.  Check out HootSuite instead.
  • This is a great tool for scheduling your content, but it’s still a good idea to check in on your accounts and interact with your fans and followers.


TELL ME.  Have you tried Buffer?  What are your thoughts on it?

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