Improve Business Credibility with These 4 Tips

Instantly boost your business credibility by following these 4 tips to create a credible online presence for your small business.

Business Credibility Tip #1: Buy a Domain for Your Website (~$10/year)

Some web hosts will allow you to create a website on their subdomain for FREE.  For example, if your web host is “”, they may create a subdomain called “” which you can use for your website.  Free website hosting is tempting for small business looking to keep their costs low but, this is a signal to potential customers that you may not be in it for the long haul.  Besides the unprofessional web address, there are several other reasons to avoid these free websites:

  • Search engines give more credibility to paid domain names
  • Some “Free” websites are ad-funded and place advertisements on your site
  • It can be difficult to move your site to a paid hosting option with another provider
  • Upgrading that free hosting plan can be unnecessarily expensive
  • Free hosting companies tend to come and go, taking your website with them

If you really want to have business credibility, your business should have its own web domain ( from the start.

Business Credibility Tip #2: Use Your Domain for Business E-mail (FREE – $5 per person per month)

Sending business e-mail from your personal web account does not come across as professional.  A business web address ( is an important tool in improving your online business credibility.

Domains purchased with GoDaddy receive FREE email forwarding.  Using this service, a business owner could create a business email address ( and then forward the emails received to another mailbox (like Gmail).  When set up properly, you can even send messages FROM your business email address using a GMAIL account.

A reasonably priced alternative is G Suite by Goggle Cloud (formerly Google Apps for Work) which charges $5/mo per user for business email.

Business Credibility Tip #3: Get a Phone Number for Your Business (FREE)

Having prominent and easy to locate contact information is key to a successful business website.  Instead of publishing your home or cell phone number on your website and marketing collateral, consider getting a dedicated phone number from a service like Google Voice. Using this option you can establish a separate phone number that you can easily forward to your cell phone.

Business Credibility Tip #4: Get a Business Mailing Address (~$10/mo)

There are several options for small businesses that do not want to use their home address for their business address.  PO Boxes and Private Mailboxes (PMBs) are the most common among small business owners.  Deciding between the two is a matter of personal preference.  PMBs tend to be a better choice.  Here’s what you get:

  • A street address, not a P.O. Box number
  • Package acceptance from all shipping carriers
  • Add on services like sending packages, printing and copying

Check your local UPS and FedEx store for mailbox rentals.  Rates will vary.

Do you have any tips on increasing online business credibility?  Let me know.


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