10 Things Visitors Hate About Websites

In no particular order, here’s our list of the top 10 things that will drive potential customers away from your website:

  1. It takes forever to load

    The saying goes, all good things in life are worth waiting for.  This saying exists because people are impatient by nature.  Waiting for a website to load just doesn’t make the cut.
    »FIX IT: By making sure your website renders in under 5 seconds (HINT: Start by optimizing the photos you’re using for the web)

  2. Annoying popups

    Popups are those annoying little boxes that pop up at you while you’re viewing a site.  Some people dislike popups so much that they’ll immediately exit a site that uses popups.  Others will only be mildly annoyed by having to find and click the tiny X button to close the popup box.  So, why do businesses  continue to use them?  Popups get results.
    »FIX IT:  When using popups it’s important to DELIVER THE RIGHT MESSAGE at THE RIGHT TIME.  

  3. No search

    No one wants to click through countless pages to find the information they’re looking for.  Having a search bar lends itself to a better user experience and allows your business to gain insight into what your customers think is important.
    »FIX IT:   Including a search bar that returns accurate results is vital for sites with lots of content.

  4. No way to sort or filter results

    Product sorting and filtering are must-haves for every e-commerce site.  When implemented correctly, filters allow customers to quickly narrow down a website’s selection of products to only those few products that they’re interested in.
    »FIX IT:  If your e-commerce site lacks this functionality, get it.  Now.

  5. Poor Navigation

    Navigation is one of the most important aspects of a website and can have a huge impact on its success or failure.  A poorly designed navigation can hurt usability and search engine rankings.
    »FIX IT:  Make sure your site navigation is easy and intuitive.

  6. Site not optimized for mobile

    With the growing number of smartphone and tablet users, mobile internet traffic is on the rise.  A website that is not mobile friendly could be turning away potential customers and not know it.
    »FIX IT:  Opt for a responsive website design.  A responsive site will automatically adjust based on the screen size of the visitor.

  7. Video or audio that autoplays without permission

    Autoplay is a notorious turnoff.  Few things are more annoying than clicking on a webpage and having intrusive sound come blaring out of the computer speakers.
    »FIX IT:  Just don’t do it.

  8. The site doesn’t have an ‘About’ page

    Writing an About page can be intimidating for many small business owners, but people want to know who you are.  This is your chance to tell your story and communicate what makes you different from your competitors.  Use this page to your advantage.
    »FIX IT:  Don’t overthink it.  Spend time developing your company story today.

  9. Contact information is not easy to locate

    Contact information on a website is a matter of customer service.  It’s also an important factor in creating trust and credibility with potential customers.
    »FIX IT:  Make your contact information clear, bold and easy to find.

  10. Poor or unattractive design

    Your website has 15 seconds to capture the interest of a potential customer before they click off your site.  Poor or unattractive site design will have them leaving before they know the first thing about the company.
    »FIX IT: Avoid outdated design elements.

Tell me.  What are your website pet peeves?

2 thoughts on “10 Things Visitors Hate About Websites

  1. I will be putting this dazinzlg insight to good use in no time.

    1. Great to hear. Let me know how it works out for you.

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