5 Reasons You Need a Business Card

5 Reasons You Need a Business Card

  • Did you read an article claiming that business cards are dead?
  • Are you wondering if business cards are still effective given the popularity of smartphones and business networking sites?
  • Have you recently run out of business cards and haven’t gotten around to ordering new ones because they’re, you know, just being thrown away?

There are many reasons a small business owner may feel compelled to omit business cards from their marketing materials, but first, let me assure you that Business cards are still relevant.  Here are the facts:

In 2016, only 9% of people threw out business cards because they added it to a digital contact list.  That pretty much debunks the propensity towards electronics versions of business cards.  The majority of people (63%) throw away business cards because they did not need to service provide by the card giver.  Another 24% don’t want to do business with a specific card giver.

The reality is that 72% of people judge a company or person by the quality of their business cards.

What is a business card?

Your business card is a marketing tool.  It’s a tiny brochure for your business that includes the appropriate information a potential customer or business contact would need to reach you.

Below are the top 5 reasons you should have a business card.

Why use business cards?

  1. Allows you to make valuable business connections

The vast majority of business interaction is still face to face and exchanging business cards remains a primary way to formalize that interaction. Have you ever had someone to hand you a business card at a networking event and you had nothing to reciprocate with?  Having a business card on you at all times will ensure you never miss an opportunity to connect.

Tip:  Be deliberate in who you hand out your business cards to.  Attempt to first understand how your business can bring value to this particular person and then commit to following up.

  1. Business cards convey professionalism

    First impressions count in business. When you hand someone a business card, they are drawing conclusions about you and your business.  A visually appealing card that projects your company’s identity will go a long way to differentiate you from competition.  They also provide legitimacy to a small business.  Not having a business card, on the other hand, will make you look unprepared and unprofessional.

Tip:  Keep your cards in a case to keep them from getting damaged in transit.

  1. Business cards drive customers to your online presence (website or social media sites)

Your business card cannot (and should not) tell your entire story – there just isn’t enough space.  Rather, a good business card will drive customers to the web where they can learn more about your business.  With more and more people turning to the web for information, promoting your online presence is a critical function of your business card.  Use your business card at networking and corporate events to easily pass along pertinent information.

Tip:  Consider including links to social media platforms or your blog on your business cards.

  1. Business cards can do “double duty”

88% of people will receive your business card and throw it away in less than a week– unless you give them a reason not to.  Make your business cards do double duty by putting coupons, appointment reminders or helpful information on the back.  If you’re up for the challenge, get really creative and use your business card as part of a referral system.

Tip:  Leave the back of your business card uncoated so that it’s not difficult to write on should the need arise.

  1. Business cards are budget friendly

Compared to the other tools you’ll need in your marketing toolkit (logo, website, etc.), business cards are relatively inexpensive and can be easily created using online design tools.

Tip:  Create a few different business cards with content tailored to different audiences.  Remember, people hold onto color business cards 10x longer.

Don’t overlook the value of having a business card that accurately reflects your brand image.

What are your thoughts on business cards?

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