Setting up FREE Business Email forwarding from GoDaddy


Does your company need a personalized business email address like  Are you looking for reasonably priced (and even FREE) business email solutions? Well, you’ve found the right post!  IF you’ve followed my previous advice and set up you domain name and hosting through GoDaddy, you’re just steps away from receiving business email for FREE using the included Email Forwarding account.

First, you should understand that a GoDaddy email forwarder address is not the same as GoDaddy webmail inbox.  Email forwarding is used for the sole purpose of forwarding messages to other mailboxes (like Gmail).  Per GoDaddy, no email gets stored at the forwarding address that you set up; all email gets immediately directed to the destination email address.

Note:  GoDaddy does offer professional email (webmail inbox) for $4.99 per use/mo.  BUT if you’re going to PAY for e-mail I would strongly urge you to consider G Suite instead for your business email.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get started.



Sign into your GoDaddy Account @



Under My Products/Workspace E-mail select the ‘Mange’ button.  This will take you the Workspace Control Center.

Note:  If you don’t see the Workspace area, Scroll down the page to ‘Additional Products’ and select ‘Redeem’ E-mail Forwarding.  You may need to refresh the page.


From the Workspace Control Center select ‘Create Forward’



Enter your details to create you business email forwarding address.  Click ‘Create’.


1.       This is the business email address you want to create on your domain.

2.       This is the email address you want to receive the forwarded e-mail.  I recommend G-mail.

3.       Select the forwarding plan you want to use.

4.       If someone sends email to an address at your domain, but that address in invalid or does not exist, the email will be forwarded to the address you entered in step 2.

5.       You can send a reply to anyone who e-mails you.  Select and fill in the additional fields if this appeals to you.


Success. Your forwarding business email address has been set up!  You can now receive email at You@YourCompany.Com


Note:  if you see an icon in the Alerts column and a message about your setup, click it and follow the simple instructions to update the MX record for your domain.


Send a test e-mail and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Want to know how to SEND email from your business domain
?  Be on the lookout for my next post on how to use Gmail’s “send mail as” function with a GoDaddy email forwarding address.

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