Social Media Posting Frequency for Beginners

Wondering how often your small business should post on social media?  You are not alone.  Social media posting frequency is a topic that interests many small business owners.  After all, there are some many hours in a day.

With as little as 1 hour per week, your small business can be well on it’s way to growing a social following.

Below is a guide to the bare minimum your small business should be posting for each network.  Remember, it’s okay (and wise) to smart small with 1 or 2 networks.

Tip:  Reap SEO benefits by making Twitter a priority.  Choose a second network that makes sense for your target audience -after you’ve got a little momentum going you can always add more .
  • Blog: 1x per week
  •  Facebook: 1x per day
  • Twitter: Tweet 3x per day
  • LinkedIn: 1x per day M-F
  • Pinterest:  Pin 5x per day
  • Instagram: 1x per day

Whatever you do, keep it consistent.  You don’t want to let your followers down.  Remember, time invested in social media is well spent.

Need help coming up with content for your social media posts?  Here’s a great post on Popular Hashtags for Every Day of the Week.

Tell me.  How often do you post to your social media accounts?

2 thoughts on “Social Media Posting Frequency for Beginners

  1. What a pleasure to find someone who idineifets the issues so clearly

    1. I’m glad to hear this was easy to follow. I hope you can put it to good use.

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